Richard Pigott – Principal

Richard has spent 24 years in commercial property in Brisbane and Sydney working on behalf of both landlords and tenants with experience in all commercial real estate sectors and major Australian markets. In 2009 he decided to specialise in Tenant Representation with the launch of Sq.m (“square metre”) Consulting.

“During my time as a landlord representative I’d negotiated numerous commercial leases with tenants, who unfortunately hadn’t fully understood the leasing market and process resulting in missed opportunity for considerable lease savings and efficiencies. For this reason, in 2009 I decided to jump the fence and launched Sq.m Consulting, a boutique consulting practice designed to level the playing field a little more in the tenant’s favor via lease negotiations, sourcing of new premises and assisting tenants with decision making and ensuring best process around real estate”.  

Some other things about Sqm Consulting..

  • Brisbane-based
  • Completely independent
  • Advice tailored to clients
  • Customer service focus (old fashioned!)

Sq.m Consulting Fees:

  • Highly competitive (typically our fees fall between 5-15% of total quantifiable value add)
  • Structured to suit the client based on service provided
  • Flat fee – based on tenancy size; OR
  • Percentage of savings generated (capped)

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