Richard Pigott – Principal

Richard has spent 23 years in commercial property in Sydney and Brisbane working on behalf of both landlords and tenants with experience in all sectors and major Australian markets. In 2010 he decided to specialise in providing assistance to commercial tenants when he started Sq.m Consulting.

“Over my career (as a landlord representative) I had repeatedly negotiated commercial lease proposals with tenants, who unfortunately did not understand market conditions, leasing trends or commercial lease clauses. Because of this, they unknowingly missed the opportunity for quite substantial lease savings and efficiencies. Because of this, I decided to “change sides” and launched Sq.m Consulting to start helping Brisbane tenants with this very scenario”.

Some other things about Sqm Consulting..

  • Brisbane-based
  • Completely independent
  • Advice tailored to clients
  • Competitive Fees

Sq.m Consulting Fees:

  • Highly competitive
  • Structured to suit the client according to service provided
  • Flat fee – based on tenancy size/rental bill; OR
  • Percentage of savings generated (capped)

Will we take a fee from the landlord?

In short – No!

Given our independence we don’t take fees from landlords which we regard as an indisputable conflict of interest. Additionally, when Landlords pay “TR” Fees, they factor these fees into the agreed deal, meaning the tenant’s deal is reduced accordingly. Therefore the tenant still pays a fee,  just indirectly.