Office Tenants (100 m2 +)

Initial lease strategy

For the best overall lease result, you need the right lease strategy up front. Guidance with the “hows and whens” in approaching the market, the impact of market rent review clauses under an option lease, and the deciphering of make good clauses, including the impact upon the “stay/ go analysis“, all feed into strategy. Ensuring clients didn’t over-commit to square meterage, or lease terms (to maximise incentive) or accepting lengthy and sub-market lease offer from Lessors, in return for covid rent-relief, are all scenarios where we have assisted tenants in decision making. Wherever possible practical advice is backed up by financials.

Market search for new premises

To maximise search results we spend the time that you probably don’t have. We prepare and circulate your Premises Brief to ALL agents & landlords in the market maximising exposure in the process. All submissions are qualified, non-compliant options are culled and a shortlist presented to you in report format. As Brisbane locals we quite often know information about buildings that interstate consultants won’t know and the agents won’t necessarily tell you up front such as which buildings have development clauses, structural issues, or which landlord won’t agree to lease options.

Negotiation of new or renewal leases

We try and include as much detail in the initial Lease Proposal as possible. We understand that there is more leverage when negotiating major commercial lease provisions before a tenant signs a lease proposal, then after – during lease document phase – when the landlord will assume you are committed. Regular updates to the client along the way maintain transparency and provision of cash flows assist with client decision making.

Make good negotiations

We advise clients on process in relation to make good negotiations or represent them in negotiations to ensure fair agreement is reached and not exceeding what is required under the lease.

Lease Disposals

Whilst lease surrender may be the easiest option it may not always be the most effective way to mitigate the surrender cost. Would a sublease or assignment return a better outcome? Do lease restrictions apply to lease transfer? Who are the best agents and are there tricks to structuring an agency agreement? Answering these questions all form part of a proper lease disposal process which Sqm Consulting can assist with.

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